Traditional Extracurricular Activities in Indonesian Schools

Well, as we know that, at this time, the various kinds of extracurricular activities in the Indonesian schools are vary various. For example in my school-Saint Joseph Senior High School Malang-there are many extracurricular activities like scout, journalism, modern dance, German language, Mandarin, and many more. However, I wonder why there is no traditional extracurricular activity in my school?

Not only in my school, but also many other schools don’t have any traditional extracurricular activity either. Due to the fact that traditional extracurricular activities can make students have more nationalism spirit, it is very important to have that kind of activity. As we know that, nowadays, nationalism in young generation is decreasing day by day. In my opinion, it would be much better if we (as Indonesian) have those traditional activities for extracurricular activities.

However, in overseas schools, Indonesian traditions have become extracurricular activities like Saman dance, angklung, Indonesian language, and many more. Japanese people are very excited to learn about angklung, while Australian students are fond to study Indonesian language. But why in Indonesia, the youngsters are more interested in studying foreign languages, even more, they are still failed in the Indonesian language tests? Why the young generations are more proud to practice modern dances than traditional dances? Thus, there are many countries which want to claim Indonesian traditions as their traditions because they appreciate the traditions better than the Indonesian people themselves.

In a nutshell, I want to say that Indonesian schools should have traditional activities as their extracurricular programs.


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